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The Questions No One is Asking about Eritrea?

And the anwers would be important for Western strategies towards the government.

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Half a Century of Africa's Recent History

A review of Keith Somerville's new book "Africa's long road since independence: "This is a book that rightly deserves to be on university reading...

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10 Things Obama Should Do Before Leaving Office

No 6: Invite Tanzania’s newly-elected President John Magufuli to the White House. And talk Symbion and IPTL!

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Frank stories from the African tech graveyard: Lessons on failure from Nairobi's innovation leaders

Nairobi is one of Africa’s most vibrant tech hubs; the early success – and global waves – caused by mobile money innovation M-Pesa breathed life into...

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What Magufuli's Presidency means for Uhuru Kenyatta's Kenya

What does the appearance of president Magufuli mean for the old Kenya-Tanzania economic rivalry: the "man-eat-man" society against the...

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Africans Rising

Pick and choose your role model - or be your own one.

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Goodbye 2015 - Hello 2016

An interesting compilation of facts and figures - we are heading towards.

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Africa's Boom is Over

Africa was never going to get far without manufacturing — and it can’t do so under today’s trade and investment treaties. Interesting piece from...

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Is small no longer beautiful? And Africa has a new star as global corruption ranking released

For a long time, geographically speaking, Africa’s least corrupt countries have tended to be the small island nations—Cape Verde, Mauritius and...

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Be the change you want to see, youth told

The Deputy Head of Mission of the Germany Embassy in Tanzania, John Reyels said on Wednesday during the Holocaust genocide commemoration coordinated...

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