Tanzania Oil and Gas Almanac

With an estimated gas reserve of more than 55 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), Tanzania readies itself to join the gas economy. Large multinational oil companies are currently exploring natural gas and oil in various parts of Tanzania – both offshore and onshore. Despite these huge discoveries, there is little publicly available information on natural gas on a wide range of issues.

Consequently, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Tanzania, with the technical support of OpenOil – a Berlin based organisation – created the Tanzania Oil and Gas Almanac, a wiki and living database for publicly available information around the country’s Oil and Gas sector.

It has been created to significantly increase the stock of information available in local contexts among extractive stakeholders including civil society organizations, government, journalists and companies. Therefore, the almanac is a unique platform in which Tanzanians will be able to access all the information necessary, thus promoting transparency and accountability in the oil and gas sector.

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In order to keep the database updated and interactive we are eager to receive your suggestions, comments or criticism. Please feel free to send us an email at wiki.festanzania(at)gmail.com.

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